Secto wall lights

Secto, established in 1995 in Finland, is renowned for its handmade lamps crafted from Finnish birch and walnut wood by skilled cabinetmakers focused on quality and details. The most celebrated among these is the Octo series, alongside the newly launched Petite series, which offers a fresh interpretation of the classic Secto design. Each lamp from Secto symbolizes a blend of beautiful design, unparalleled craftsmanship, and exceptional quality, making them a unique addition to any interior space. The company’s pendants, in particular, stand out in interior design for their unique illumination. Explore the full range of Secto pendants and other brands for exquisite interior lighting options.

Popular lamps from Secto

Secto lamps, celebrated for their exquisite craftsmanship and detail, are among the finest wooden lamps available today. Specializing exclusively in wood, Secto has honed its craft over many years, ensuring top-notch quality in the unique wooden lamp market. These lamps bring warmth and soul to any room, exemplified by standout pieces like the Secto Octo 4240 pendant, Secto Atto 5000 pendant, and Secto 4210 floor lamp. For those intrigued by the charm of wooden lamps, examining these highlighted models reveals the depth of craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal Secto offers.

Secto and Seppo Koho

The inception of Secto as it is recognized today traces back to the collaborative spark between Seppo Koho and the company's founder. Koho, armed with degrees in architecture and applied arts from renowned Finnish universities, infused Secto lamps with a distinct calmness and harmony using Finnish materials. His initiative to design wooden lamps that complemented furniture has positioned Secto as a leader in the wooden lamp sector. Internationally acclaimed, Secto, with Koho as its chief designer, has successfully expanded its operations, including establishing Secto Design USA in 2017 to bolster its international market presence.