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At AndLight we are always working on making it cheapest and easiest for you. If you need an offer or you’ve seen your dream lamp cheaper somewhere else, then feel free to apply for a special offer. It is not every time we are able to make it cheaper, but we will always try.
To apply for an offer, simply fill out your name, e-mail and an inquiry of the specific items you are interested in. We will get back to you with a special offer of your wished items. Depending on the lamps you are asking about, the amount of discount and price will differ. This is because many of the lamps on our website are already at a reduced price and sometimes we are not able to reduce the prices even further. We strive at offering our customers the best possible prices, therefore we give some of the highest discounts on the market!
If you do not seem to find your dream lamp among the lamps at or maybe you have seen a specific lamp that you want, then feel free to contact us. You’re always welcome to contact us for advice and guidance regarding your choice of lamp.
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