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Come along for a magical get-away in Tuscany with Rebecca Goddard. Discover how you can extend the beautiful summer nights with portable lighting and soft blankets. Find inspiration in Rebecca’s selection of designs for her Tuscan dream home.

Home feeling

When traveling to Italy for summer holidays, my husband and I always like to bring along a few things to make the places we stay feel more like home. We have this little dream to one day have our own Tuscan holiday house, so it’s fun to try out how life might look there when we visit — even if it’s just for a long weekend getaway.

Tuscan summer nights

On our last trip, we packed along our portable Lucca lamp and cozy woven Collect blanket, both designed by Space Copenhagen for &Tradition. The duo is the perfect add-on for a summer night in the Tuscan hillsides, allowing an evening outside to linger on long after the sun goes down.

A beautiful connection

Italian and Danish design might seem to be worlds apart, but when you look a little deeper it’s easy to draw a lot of connections between these two beautiful places and their design cultures — one of those being a deep connectivity to nature that informs everyday lifestyle and the materials used in the surroundings.

Dream home

Hopefully one day my husband and I will have the chance to realize our dream of a Tuscan escape — perhaps an old farm building or modest country house that we can restore. And while I’d be sure to design the space in a way that plays to the local Italian vernacular, I like the idea of blending a bit of pared-back scandi design within a warm and weathered Tuscan interior.

These are a few of the other pieces from &Tradition that would be amongst my top picks for a Tuscan dream home — sculptural designs in a mix of natural or reflective materials that would bring layered texture to the space while juxtaposing the more rustic atmosphere and architecture iconic to Tuscany.