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Come along when Rebecca from @rebeccagoddard shows how she uses lamps to create connection in the interior and bring a sculptural presence to the home. You can also discover Rebecca’s selected products, including well-known iconic designs and modern classics.

Sculptural lamps

When it comes to decorating our home, I like to keep the details to a minimum while allowing functional pieces to act as the main focal point. Lighting will forever be one of my favorite ways to bring sculptural interest to a room, and I love collecting classic designs which are sure to age well over the year.

We don’t have a ton of decor or art around our home, but I’ve poured a lot of energy into sourcing the lighting we have — to me, they are like works of art on their own. Beautiful and functional sculptures which make our evenings at home even more cozy, and the types of pieces I hope to pass on to my family one day.

Design icons

The Taccia lamp by Flos might be one of the most iconic designs in our collection, but I also really adore collecting some of the more contemporary pieces, such as the Kizu lamp by New Works and the Meadow Lamp by Fredericia. I love the material balance in both of these designs and think that both have all the marks of becoming “design classics” of our era.