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A recognizable and iconic design from the legendary Danish designer Verner Panton. The Wire series is a timeless, light and elegant design. The raw and industrial look that you get with Panton Wire is ideal in the modern home, and due to the many ways Wire can be used, it is easy to decorate them in the home. Whether it is as a shelving system, bedside table, coffee table or a small side table, you can quickly find a place to place Panton Wire.

With the almost endless combinations of colors, sizes and additional accessories, the Wire series can be personalized as desired, and you can therefore create your very own storage solution in the home, with exactly the expression you want.

As part of the Wire series, it is possible to purchase a top plate in several different colors and materials. This smoother surface makes it possible to place things on top of one's Wire system, so that it can be used as a coffee table or bedside table. It is also possible to purchase an insert shelf, which provides a more stable and flat surface where you can place accessories, books or anything else you want to show off.