For the Ocean-series Mater uses "green plastic," made from discarded fishing nets collected from the ocean. The nets are cleaned, shredded, and transformed into pellets.

the granules are used in the production of the characteristic plastic slats for the Ocean furniture. Notably, each chair is made with 960g of recycled materials!

The Story Behind the Ocean Collection

The award-winning Ocean collection is a reintroduction of the iconic 1955 design by Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel.

Mater partnered with Letbæk Plast and Plastix, the only fishing net recycling factory, to bring the design back to life in 2018. The result is the world's first outdoor furniture collection made from recycled ocean plastics.

The Ocean collection represents an innovative way to reuse old fishing nets and supports the UN Global Goals for Life Below Water, Responsible Consumption and Production, and Partnership for the Goals, driving the design industry towards a more environmentally conscious future.

Ocean OC2: Beer kegs turned into Stunning Designs

Mater's latest addition to their Ocean series is the OC2 collection, the bottle-green version, created in collaboration with Carlsberg and a:gain.

As part of Carlsberg's Towards ZERO program, Mater has collaborated with a:gain to repurpose Carlsberg's used beer kegs for producing the Ocean OC2 series. This initiative contributes towards a more circular use of materials and reduces CO2 impact.

The collection includes chairs, loungers, tables, and a bench, all designed for durability and comfort in outdoor use. Each component undergoes rigorous testing to ensure lasting beauty and functionality. With the aim of handling almost 200 tons of plastic waste in the coming years, the Ocean and the OC2 series stand as a testament to innovative and eco-friendly design.

Mater teamed up with Carlsberg, a leading Danish brewery, to give discarded beer kegs a new lease on life and help to reduce waste.

Once the kegs are collected at Carlsberg, they are sent to a:gain, which is responsible for cleaning and granulating the kegs.

The granules can then be used in the production of the OC2 furniture. One chair emits 53% less CO2 compared to a chair made from virgin plastic.

Timeless and functional furniture designs with a purpose

Mater is a Danish design brand founded in 2006 by Henrik Marstrand that focuses on creating timeless and functional furniture designs. Mater collaborates with established and emerging design talents, constantly exploring materials and production methods to ensure more environmentally friendly furniture production, without compromising on aesthetics and design. The popular OC2 and Ocean series are part of the Made from Waste collection, which demonstrates Mater's commitment to innovative design with a clear purpose.