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In collaboration with our exclusive partner Lightplanner, AndLight offers technical lighting design and calculations, so you can create the right light and optimize your energy use.

Package 1: Basic guidance and advice

  • Guidance and advice
  • Design proposal
  • Visualization
  • Product sales

Package 2: The good light

  1. Guidance and advice
  2. Design proposal
  3. Visualization
  4. Product sales
  5. Programming

Package 3: Complete lighting solution

  • Guidance and advice
  • Design proposal
  • Visualization
  • Product sales
  • Programming
  • Implementation
  • Installation


LIGHTPLANNER creates modern and sustainable lightign designs. We are a small team with a wide range of experience with lighting for offices, schools, public areas and private homes. With a starting point in your needs we create a balance between light, architecture and function, so you can make the most of your rooms. The goal for us is always the optimal lighting environment for people. Light is very important for our well-being and with the right lighting it is possible to create the optimal conditions for concentration, motivation and learning.

LIGHTPLANNER was founded in 2016 by Casper Brandis who has more than 10 years of experience from the lighting business. The team has since grown and today it consists of specialists in design, technical support and programming of light. We are a team of specialists with a base in Copenhagen that services companies all over Denmark. We collaborate closely with property developers, architects and companies directly.

Tailored lighting design

Light greatly influences the total impression of a room, because of this the key is to focus on light early in the proces, as part of the architecture and interior, to create the most optimal room.

Selected projects

Projects of every size

Customer statements

Jeppe Hestehave, JEUDAN

Jeppe Hestehave, Project manager, JEUDAN

LIGHTPLANNER is a stable collaborator with guaranteed quality.

”When Lightplanner is involved in our projects we experience a solution orientated collaboration and are guaranteed functional solutions that our customers express excitement about.”

Matt Orlando, Broaden & Build

Matt Orlando, Broaden & Build

User friendly lighting adapted specifically to our needs.

”Intelligent lighting that can switch between cold and warm light turned out to be the optimal solution for us because we use our big rooms as a production hall by day and restaurant by night. During the day we can adjust the light according to our different work tasks and afterwards use it to create a cosy atmosphere in the restaurant in the evening. The solution is user friendly and we switch between the pre programmed settings that Lightplanner designed from our specific needs.”

Anders, RH-EL

Anders, RH-EL

Together we create quality lighting and control the process from idea to installation.

”My service and advising is complete when it results in a great lighting design. Because the technical and the documentation is in place we collaboratively secure a very effective process. Lightplanner are great at conveying the properties of the light which ensures that the customer knows what they get from the beginning.”