Introducing: TALA

Tala is a young brand founded by four friends, when they studied together at the University of Edinburgh.

They have created lamps and bulbs as a result of classic quality, British industrial influencers, and pioneering LED technology – all together in one! Tala is an environment-conscious brand that has acted compromisingly and has created lamps with focus on both design and sustainability.

Tala lamps are made to create an amazing and welcoming atmosphere.

Their core value is to create “lighting as an experience”. And we can guarantee; their lamps are a true experience

Focus on Sustainability

Their focus on sustainability goes through every aspect of the company – from the packaging to their FSC-certified wooden materials to the tree-planting program.

They have established a program that secures that every time 200 products of theirs are sold, they plant 10 trees. In the way, they make sure their sustainable company stays carbon-neutral.

By allying oneself with American National Forest Foundation, they contribute to restoring the ecosystem.

LED has reached new heights with tala

Tala lamps are made to create cosy and inviting atmospheres. They have worked hard to create that special, warm light, brilliant colour rendering, and quality materials. 

Tala has exceeded the limits laid down for LED lighting. They have proven many prejudices wrong as the bulbs give a nice, soft and beautiful light.

Furthermore, LED has extremely high efficiency, actually 90% more than an incandescent bulb. And it lights up in at least 30,000 hours. That means, if you have your tala light turned on for 8 hours a day (which is quite a lot), you will not need to change your bulb for at least 10 years. 


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