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How to Style Your GUBI Stemlite Table Lamp

Here is Why the Stemlite Lamp is the Easiest to Style in Your Home

GUBI's collection of Stemlite lamps is almost already a classic. The lamps were created in 1962 by designer Bill Curry and they were Curry's best-selling collection when it hit the market. Now GUBI has chosen to relaunch the lamps - and we're very proud to have these beautiful lamps in-store at AndLight.

The Stemlite table lamp from GUBI is available in two heights; 70 cm and 42 cm. In this post, we styled the lamp with a height of 42 cm.

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We love the table lamp lampshade. The lampshade made of delicate glass is an untraditional model from GUBI that brighten up all surroundings that are in the vicinity of the lamp, while the light is enormously comfortable and dimmed by the mottled screen. Take advantage of the light of the lamp and place it somewhere in the room that seems darker than the rest to create the illusion of a larger room. The light thus becomes a nice extension of the home.

Tip: Place the lamp close to mirrors or glossy glass that can reflect the light further into the room.

Let the Stemlite's sculptural lampshade come into its own by letting the surroundings form the framework of the lamp's distinctive expression. Focus on the lamp by placing it on a small stool, side table or a high shelf. Play with the heights in the home and let it stand as the crown of the work.

Create a cosy environment with the table lamp and let it divide the room. In the AndLight showroom. The small model of the Stemlite table lamps has the perfect height to be placed in the middle of a shelf or bookcase. Its large model would be best placed in the corner of a bookshelf.

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