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How to decorate your home with the Miira 4 pendant from Nuura

With a strong focus on Nordic nature, Nuura has managed to create some unique designer lamps in a short period of time. Each lamp contributes to creating the perfect atmosphere for any room in the home. In this article, you can read how Ashica from Switzerland has chosen to decorate your living room with the beautiful Miira 4 pendant in black with opal glass. See for yourself and become inspired how the pendant can make a difference in your home. As of now, Nuura has just released the Miira 4 pendant in a brass model. Find it on AndLight here The new colour plays beautifully together with the graceful shape of the Miira series. The clour reflects the light, creating a soft expression. 

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Styling: Nuura Miira 4 Pendant (black/grey and opal white) 

See how Ashica styled the lamp in her home, full of natural tones. Here, the Miira 4 pendant creates a beautiful floating design set above the dining table. Together with the home's minimalistic touch, it makes the room unique. We believe that the lamp works well with simple coloured rooms, if the goal is to create an expression and some edge to the room. However, in a more colourful room, it can create contrast through its simple yet Nordic design. Find the lamp here.

About her styling, Ashica describes it has holistically driven: 
"I wanted the space to form a harmonious balance with the striking yet elegant Nuura pendant. I tend to steer towards a more minimal aesthetic with a calm, neutral colour palette, which I think nicely complements the beautifully refined materials of the pendant." 

News: Miira 4 in brass

See the new Miira 4 pendant in brass. Find it in opal white glass and in clear glass.


Miira 4 (opal white)


Miira 4 (clear glass)