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@henriettewo x AndLight

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Henriette from @henriettewo has decorated a lovely outdoor oasis where portable lamps help create a cozy vibe. Come along when Henriette shows different settings for the functional portable lamps outside. You can also discover Henriette’s selection of lamps that can add a cozy atmosphere both inside and outside.

Lovely outdoor oasis

The perfect lamps for creating that cozy outdoor space and to connect your home to your outdoor area are portable lamps. Portable lamps are so perfect since they don’t need a powersource, have a long battery life, and give you that restaurant/hotel feeling in your home.

Here you can see different settings of the beautiful portable lamps "Kizu" from New Works, "Obello" from GUBI and a glimpse of "Como" from &Tradition.

Cozy lighting

The Kizu lamp has a beautiful gray marble foot and three levels of light. The Obello lamp is shaped as a mushroom in a beautiful white finish. The Como lamp has a beautiful shape, doesn’t take up much space and at the same time gives great light. It also has three levels of light.

The fact that the lamps have endless possibilities of use makes them not only decorative but also timeless. Let's move outside and really enjoy one of our finest seasons.