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Tom Rossau TR7

Tom Rossau TR7

The picture shows the stylish and extremely popular TR7 pendant. The Tom Rossau TR7 pendant with its soft curves and warm light will be an asset in any room.

The handmade lamps from Tom Rossau are very unique, elegant lamps that give a warm and inviting light. Tom Rossau designs and produces them in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Secto Kontro 6000


Quality Finnish craftsmanship. Pendants from Secto are both beautiful and elegant.

The Secto Kontro 6000 Pendant is incredibly beautiful above a dining table and it gives a warm and comfortable light.

Wooden pendants are very modern and Secto is one of the best manufacturers. Secto has a wide selection of elegant wooden lamps.

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Secto lamper

Secto lamps

Having been established in 1995, Secto is now an experienced lamp manufacturer. Secto has managed to create a number of amazingly beautiful lamps carved from Finnish birch and walnut trees.

The designer behind the unique-looking Secto lamps, Seppo Koho, has been recognized internationally for combining beautiful design, durable materials, and warm lighting.

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Wrong.london has a very special philosophy that states that beauty is found in light, with function and form tying it all together in an atmosphere that influences our well-being. The right lighting in a given room can define how we feel in that particular space and thus also define our mood.
Therefore, wrong.london puts a lot of energy in finding the right angle of lighting, how the light falls into a room and how bright the light is. In addition, they also place great emphasis on creating lighting from sustainable technology. They strive to closely follow the developments in lighting.

Normann Copenhagen Rise
Normann Copenhagen Amp

Normann Copenhagen News

The fun and exciting Amp series from Normann Copenhagen has been expanded with a beautiful chandelier. The focus is the effect of the classic chandelier which, with its warm and inviting light, compliments the dining room or entrance hall. Amp lamps are made of solid marble and glass; Beautiful contradictions that emphasize its elegance.

The cheeky Rise wall lamp proves why simple design works. The uncomplicated and versatile wall lamp can be easily adjusted so the light direction fits you. Rise is the perfect reading lamp and to create atmosphere and atmosphere.

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Gubi Multilite

GUBI Multi-Lite Pendant

The unique and interesting mid-century Multi-Lite pendant is a symbol of the Danish design’s golden era.

The Multi-Lite pendant from GUBI can be adjusted and rotated as you wish, and from there you can create different expressions and combinations with the light falling in different directions.

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Gubi Multilite
Lampe Gras No. 312
Lampe Gras Lampe Gras No. 304
Lampe Gras No. 317

Lampe Gras N312

A well thought-out lamp that has become a modern classic. The simple and elegant design and high quality of the Lampe Gras N312 is what makes it so popular.

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At AndLight we guarantee a good deal. Special offers have always been an important part of our business and you can therefore often get a 10-30% discount on your designer lamps. We continuously work to offer our customers the best products at the cheapest prices, so you can trust that even when good discounts are given, we never compromise on quality. If you find that the lamp of your dreams is not on offer or even part of our large selection, or if you find your dream lamp cheaper elsewhere, you are more than welcome to request a special offer. We can’t promise that we can go cheaper, but we would like to try.

Should you be in a situation where you have seen a special lamp you want, please contact us and we will look into the possibility of acquiring it for you. You are always welcome to contact us for advice and guidance regarding your choice of lamp or discount request.

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At AndLight we have a broad selection of lamps from a large number of manufacturers, making it possible to cater to every taste. We are focused on creating the best and most up-to-date assortment. Most importantly though, is a varied lamp selection of high quality, great design and inspiration. With more than 3,000 different lamps from an ever evolving group of manufacturers in our selection, we are able to offer you the lamp of your dreams, whether it be for your home or your business – chances are you will find it at AndLight.com

You can find a specific lamp by using our ‘Search’-function at the top of the site, by clicking ‘Brands’ to view a specific manufacturer, or lastly by clicking ‘Lamps’ and choosing the type of lamp you want.

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