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Decorate your home with the Luceplan Hope

3 Nordic-inspired homes - decorated with the Luceplan Hope pendant

Luceplan believes that light lives life. When viewing these 3 beautiful Nordic homes who have been decorated with the Luceplan Hope lamp, you believe so as well. The Luceplan Hope pendant can be found in a small, medium and large size who in each way adds something unique to your home.

In this article, we will show you how the lamps specially designed lenses in polycarbonate help create unique reflection and works as a decorative piece in each home. Discover how these 3 homes chose to decorate with the lamp.

Above the dining table

Here, Dorthe has chosen to decorate her home with two of the small 66/12 model which works really really well above the dining table. The use of two lamps, as opposed to a single, works well with a long dining table.


Similar to the other example, Sarah has chosen to decorate with the lamp above the dining table. However, she has chosen the medium-sized D66/18 model that works really well above a smaller dining table.

Connect the living room floor with the first floor 

Opposed to the others, our stylist Camilla has chosen to use the larger Luceplan Hope D66/42 pendant to help tie together the first floor with the living room floor. In this size, the lamp requires a bit of space which can be used in a great way by hanging it in such a space as this.