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Danish design from Vipp and an English styled home in London

Danish design from Vipp in an English styled home in London

How do you match the popular Danish type of design from Vipp with an English styled home in London?

Our English AndLight Stylist, Catherine, undertook this challenge by decorating her 'inky hued London pad' with the 530 Vipp table lamp. She loves the recognisable designs, solid materials and the unique history behind the brand. The story behind Vipp actually started with a design for a trashcan which ended up setting the stage for a new type of design. For many, Vipp is the embodiment of Danish design which is why the beautiful yet very non-Scandinavian type of styling creates a very unique contrast and a combination of styling that we just love. 

One of her ideas with the Vipp 530 table lamp was to decorate her home with the lamp in a black colour that matches the colours in her home when it is turned off. However, when the lamp is turned on it creates a contrast and illuminates the lamp's unique texture. We love this styling challenge and the idea of combining different types of design which shows the many different ways to use Danish design such as with this lamp from Vipp