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Books for your coffee table. We all have a good book lying at our coffee table or maybe a magazine or a newspaper there to flip through. But if you want to take it to the next level, and if you are a sand interior nerd, you may want to invest in a few coffee table books.

Coffee table books are theme books with large, beautiful pictures that you or your guests can flip through while the coffee brews for a good chat around the coffee table. Coffee table books can also provide inspiration for your own interior or tips on how to make your home more atmospheric, soothing and more inviting. At the same time, these books are designed with a beautiful wrapping so that it looks like an integrated part of your perfect interior. We know it's a little nerdy, but we love it. And so must you!

Coffee table books are not just about design

There are tons of cool coffee table books to you choose from. Aside from being a great reading experience, these books can also help you show your personality and interests to your guests, providing great conversation starters as well as shared inspiration and interest. There are photo books with cool and unknown images of icons from the movies, musicians, writers, directors and more.

There are also nerdy theme books like Rolex Watch Book or Vogue and Chanel. Whatever your interest, there is also a coffee table book for you. Whether you choose several, perhaps to place the bottom shelf on your coffee table, or you choose one or two to place on the coffee table, it will give you a new look and a new conversation starter.

Do yourself a favor as an interior design expert

Having coffee table books lying around with themes of interior design or decoration helps to create an image of yourself as a true design lover. Many of these books also have beautiful full-page pictures of houses, decorations and gardens that you can be inspired by . There is an endless variety of different books and you can always find the one that suits your interest. Other design lovers will want to see your books and maybe start a conversation about something they see in your book, or maybe they know the author or some of the objects used in the pictures.

Either way, you get smarter, more inspired and get new topics of conversation with your friends and other design lovers. A great way to change things and offer inspiration to those around you.

Move away from digital interference

Having good books with beautiful pictures lying on your desk also helps shift the focus from all the shades of our lives to more analog pleasures. Pictures in a book are carefully selected and corrected so you can enjoy them and get the feeling of flipping through the landscape.

You can also do this with a tablet, but the experience is not soothing, it is full of flashy ads and blue light - we already have enough of that in our working life, do not take it into your free time! Instead of installing digital picture frames and flipping through pictures on the Internet, you can enjoy that the author has chosen what she wants you to see and be inspired through text and pictures. This will bring more peace to your life, and is not that what you want with your coffee break?

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