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How do you make a small bedroom feel welcoming, calm and airy? Brygida from @bohostyleliving shows us how she has created a relaxed atmosphere in her small bedroom. You can also find Brygida’s recommended designs for creating a space where you can relax and wind down before bedtime.

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Rest & relaxation

The bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation. We spend a lot of time here. So it’s very important that we feel comfortable in our own bedroom. I have a small one and therefore not quite so many decorative accessories, so that it does not seem overloaded.

Fresh atmosphere

I put the focus on vases and scented candles, which always provide a fresh atmosphere in the bedroom. Plants are also indispensable for me, as they are natural air purifiers. The large mirror makes the room visually larger, which is a good trick especially for small rooms.