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Be inspired by 8 elegant products from MENU

The Danish design brand MENU has always been fascinated by the way in which individuals and spaces can be united through great design. Menu believe in modern design that is built to last - each piece of design is produced with the assumption that it will get plenty of use.

Read along as we take a look at 8 of MENU’s unique designs. Discover the thoughts behind well-known icons like the Knitting Chair and the Reverse table lamp together with newer additions like the Brasilia Chair and the Plinth coffee tables. Maybe it will inspire you to welcome the minimalistic and beautiful aesthetic of MENU into your own home.

The Plinth Tall Coffee Table

The Plinth series, designed by Norm Architects, is a unique combination of texture and color. The design pays tribute to the beauty of marble and lends timeless sophistication to any space. The mere presence of the elegant material makes it a guaranteed topic of conversation.

The Plinth series consists of different tables, all of which can be used as a coffee table, side table or simply as an impressive stand-alone element. It is a versatile and practical design that is guaranteed to catch the eye.
Find the Plinth coffee table high in Calcetta here

The Androgyne Table

The Androgyne series is designed by Norwegian artist and designer, Danielle Siggerud and consists of tables each with multiple uses.

The Androgyne Series plays with feminine and masculine elements, soft cuts and sharp edges as well as simple and bold silhouettes. The Androgyne Series is an ideal complement to the home if you want to incorporate effective furniture into the living space.

In the series you can find the Androgyne Lounge Table. Unique in its ability to fit into a variety of interiors, the Androgyne Lounge Table can be used as a lounge table in the living room, a bench for piles of books or as a decorative display in the hallway. Another design with a smaller volume is the Androgyne Side Table. An object of beauty and function that adds a sculptural, modern look to the room.
Find the Androgyne Coffee Table here

The Hashira Floor Lamp

The Hashira Collection is a modern, Nordic take on the traditional Japanese rice paper lantern. Conceived for MENU by Norm Architects, the collection perfectly balances aesthetics and proportion, simplicity and character.

Highlighting two novelties in the series, a wall lamp and a floor lamp, both of which speak the same design language as we know it from the rest of the Hashira series.

The Hashira Floor Lamp iteration rises majestically from the floor with its cylindrical silhouette, combined with elements of western textile lamp shades to lend the design a familiar feel. The Hashira wall lamp looks equally elegant mounted alone on a wall as it does in pairs above a bed or sofa as it spreads its ambient light in the room.
Find the Hashira Floor Lamp here

The Knitting Lounge Chair

The Knitting Chair by the Danish designer Ib Kofod-Larsen, first launched as a limited edition in 1951, makes a triumphant return to the world of modern Danish design under MENU’s concept of “Modernism Reimagined”.

Each chair is made exclusively by hand using traditional techniques, and each chair has upholstery on the backrest and seat with a choice of either vintage leather or fabric.

The Knitting Chair does not take up too much space in a room, which makes it an ideal match for any space – both compact and more spacious interiors. Its sculptural design means it’s beautiful from any angle, so experiment away with incorporating it into the interior.
Find the Knitting Chair here

The Brasilia Lounge Chair

Designed for MENU by Anderssen & Voll, the Brasilia Lounge Chair is inspired by Scandinavian mid-century design aesthetics and Brazilian Modernism. The luxurious armchair offers unparalleled sitting comfort thanks to its robust frame and soft upholstery.

The Brasilia armchair stands out by having powerful legs that are made using traditional carpentry techniques and with its exaggerated armrests that bring style and confidence to any atmosphere. For the Brasilia armchair, there is also an ottoman that allows you for maximum relaxation and to complete the stylish armchair.
Find the Brasilia Lounge Chair Bouclé 02 here

The Reverse Table Lamp

The Reverse Lamp is a lighting solution that underpins the ever-present beauty of natural materials. In his search for simple and clever solutions in any given space, Danish designer Aleksandar Lazic looked to Italian marble tables from the 1970s when creating the Reverse Lamp.

The Reverse Lamp is a lighting solution that underpins the ever-present beauty of natural materials. In his search for simple and clever solutions in any given space, Danish designer Aleksandar Lazic looked to Italian marble tables from the 1970s when creating the Reverse Lamp.
Find the Reverse Table Lamp here

The Column Table Lamp

Another design from Norm Architects is the Column Portable Table Lamp. With a shape inspired by the bollards used to secure vessels to a jetty, the Column Portable Table Lamp combines technology and mood-setting style in a striking mushroom shape.

The rechargeable is perfect to use on the terrace or any other outdoor setting, but also works great as cozy lighting in the living room, bedroom or hallway. Lightweight and durable, with a beautiful finish, it is a design you will want to use in all your favourite spots.
Find the Column Table Lamp here

The Torso Table Lamp

Taking its design cues from childhood homes filled with treasures shaped by the human hand, the Torso Table Lamp by Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen is a modern lamp with a timeless look. The intriguing combination of raw and glazed ceramic, crisp canvas and gleaming brass creates the perfect balance between hard and soft.

At home in any setting, the Torso Table Lamp will fit perfectly. Choose the Torso Table Lamp in sand for at more minimalistic expression and place the very elegant table lamp on a bedside table or on the dresser in the living room.
Find the Torso Table Lamp in sand here