3D Showroom

An inspiring design experience

Using the newest technology we can now offer you a virtual tour of our showroom. This means you can visit us at any time and explore a selection of our designer lamps, -furniture and -accessories. You are no longer dependent on going to Copenhagen to visit us - you decide the perfect time and place. Go on an inspiring tour and click on all the designs you find interesting. Are you unsure about how the products will look in your home? You are always welcome to contact us and we will do our best to guide you.


Old welding factory transformed into a high-end showroom

The old welding factories used by H.C. Ørstedværket is now the home of our inspiring showroom. The old industrial building creates a unique contrast to the many designs shown in the showroom, while still allowing all guests to get an idea of how the designs can be used at home. In the 500 sqm. industrial environment, Interior and Room Designer Josefine Hedemann have managed to curate a beautiful exhibition of interior design that gives inspiration to every home.

We strive to give every design interested person a unique experience as well as inspiration, through the creative space of our new showroom. With our new virtual showroom it is now possible to bring this unique design experience closer to you. We are experts within design and designer lighting and, therefore, we always offer consultations and good advice for how to implement interior and light into every home - both online and offline in our showroom. Everyone is welcome to contact us or stop by our showroom for a chat about how design and designer lighting can bring life and value to all homes.

AndLight Showroom
Tømmergravsgade 4B
2450 Copenhagen


Take a virtual tour of our brands’ showrooms

Did you fall in love with a specific design or brand? Below you will find a selection of 3D showrooms from strong brands that you can explore. Go on a virtual inspiration-seeking tour in the beautiful design universes and discover fresh ideas for your home.



Fritz Hansen