3 Ways to Use Hanging Lamps in Your Home

Hanging lamps - or pendants - can be used in many situations and it’s definitely the category with the most possibilities. At Andlight we have an almost infinite selection of beautiful hanging lamps that can be used in a variety of places.
It’s not always easy to choose the right hanging lamp for your home, because different rooms require different solutions. Therefore, we made this short guide with suggestions for which type of lamp to use in the most important rooms. You can learn more about hanging lamps and pendants here.

Hanging lamp for the dining table

One of the hardest choices, when it comes to lamps, is the choice of the perfect dining table lamp. Dining table lamps has to have a good light, the right diameter and look good. You can both choose to hang several lamps in combination or you can choose a large and beautiful dining table lamp.

At Andlight, we have a fantastic selection of dining table pendants and it’s all about individual tastes and needs. Here are two suggestions from us that might inspire you.

What you need to be aware of, when choosing dining table lamps, is the height of the lamp and if the light cone covers the entire dining table. You can read our guide for hanging dining table lamps here.

Secto Octo

Secto Octo is one of the most popular dining table lamps and there are several reasons why. First of all, the unique shape ensures that the light source is hidden at the top of the lamp and, at the same time, the wooden slats encapsulates the light, while it still escapes from the construction.

In addition, the lamp is available in two sizes - if you have a long dining table, you can use two pieces of the small edition . If you have a round dining table or a smaller table, you can use the large model by itself, which also has a wonderful effect.

The lamp is available in 4 different colors and is made from carefully selected sorts of wood and produced by hand.

Secto Octo Birchwood 3 pendants above dining table
Here 3 Secto Octo 4241 in beautiful combination

Fritz Hansen Caravaggio

Another incredibly popular and a bit more discrete dining table pendant, is the Caravaggio lamp from Fritz Hansen . The simple design comes in many colors and can be used in several rooms in your home. The pendant comes in both small and large sizes, which makes it possible to combine several small or a few of the large pendants.

The lamp was designed by Danish Cecilie Manz and it has become a modern classic and bestseller from Fritz Hansen .

You can discover the entire collection and see all the beautiful colors here .

Fritz Hansen Caravaggio P1 Opal Glass pendant environment
Fritz Hansen Caravaggio P2 with an opal glass screen

Hanging lamp for the living room

When choosing a hanging lamp for the living room, to hang above the coffee table or in the middle of the room, there are several things to consider. Here, you can advantageously choose a more decorative pendant, with a more diffused light that can create a bit of ambience in the room and simultaneously light up the room.

In this category, we can recommend two other lamps that follows this theme and might inspire you for your living room decoration.

Tom Rossau TR5

The Tom Rossau TR5 is a decorative and original hanging lamp that is great for use in the living room. The lamp is available both in a wooden and a metallic edition, so you can choose a designer that fits into your interior at home.

The lamp has a downwards facing light, while the light escapes through the meticulously twisted slats in the most beautiful way. This lamp is a fantastic choice as a beautiful and impressive hanging lamp for the living room.

Furthermore, it can be combined with other Tom Rossau lamps , available in a similar design.

Tom Rossau TR5 Copper above a round dining table
Tom Rossau TR5 Copper comes to life, when the light is turned on

Verner Panton Globe

Verner Panton ’s iconic pendant from 1969 is a well-known classic. The unique shape and spherical screen are completely unique, but the lamp doesn’t give off a lot of light, since the bulb is hidden inside the construction in the middle.

This makes Verner Panton Globe ideal for the living room, where it can work as a design object and give off a beautiful, ambient light. The lamp comes in the classic blue and red model, with a gold finish or in white.

No matter which one you choose, you enrich your interior with a true classic that stands out from the rest of your interior.

Verner Panton Globe Environment
Verner Panton Globe in the classic colors red and blue

Hanging lamp for the hall

If you want to create a special feel or a beautiful expression in your hallway or entrance, you can easily do this with a beautiful hanging lamp. A good trick is to use a sort of chandelier with several light sources in the same design. This spreads the light and cast shadows, so the room gets a certain ambience.

Furthermore, it looks fantastic with a grandiose and evocative hanging lamp in the hall that can work as a central object in the room.

Flos Sarfatti 2097

The 2097 chandelier from Flos is a revived design from the fifties, created by the legendary, Italian designer Gino Sarfatti.
The impressive construction comes in different sizes and the wonderful thing about the lamp is that is works as a classic chandelier, but instead of candle lights, there are little bulbs at the end of the arms.

The lamp has the decadent expression that characterizes Italian design and it will definitely give your interior a whole new expression. The body comes in matte black , in chrome or in brass , so you can choose how eye-catching you would like the lamp to be.

Flos 2097/18 chandelier matte black above living room coffee table
Flos Sarfatti 2097/18 in matte black

Nuura Apiales 9

Danish Nuura also makes several, beautiful chandeliers that can give new life for your hall. We’ve chosen the Nuura Apiales 9 - a simple construction with large, beautiful lightbulbs on the arms.

The lamp comes in brass or in black and you can choose either clear, transparent lightbulbs or matted opal glass lightbulbs .

Both models have a beautiful and modern design that creates a lot of light and offers a unique expression for your entrance or hall.

Nuura Apiales 9 chandelier brass environment
The beautiful Nuura Apiales 9 in brass with opal glass screens

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