3 Ways to Style Your Snoopy Lamp

How to style your Snoopy lamp with these
3 details in focus

Every day we are getting a glimpse of various beautiful designer lamps in our Copenhagen showroom that light up the dark days of autumn. But right now, a very special lamp has caught our attention with its recognizable colour choice and material combination. The magnificent orange lamp is named Snoopy and created and designed by Flos, and it has already been seen in many homes and hearts with its seductive lampshade. Flos' Italian roots shine through in the marble base and the extraordinary silhouette while the lampshade’s retro-orange is reminding us about Danish design in the 1960s and 1970s.

Get to know the Snoopy lamp here as we show how its details are best expressed when you style the lamp in your own home.

An instant eye-catcher

The sculptural Snoopy lampshade is a large part of the lamp's identity, and that is why we always recommend placing it somewhere with a lot of wide space hence the lampshade can blossom together with your home interior. By placing it somewhere with space around the lampshade it can be the eye-catcher that it’s designed to be. The orange colour is also perfect styled with one or more contrasting colours in the home decor.

Heavy marble

The Italian base of the snoopy lamp in marble no longer only belongs to the lavish home in South Europe. The marble lamp base has also become a classic in many homes around the world and specially in Scandinavia. Let the lamp base create a new Nordic atmosphere in your home and use the Snoopy lamp to beautify a side table or a desk in shades of dark that match the black lines in the marbling. At least that's how we like it best in our showroom.

Decorative light sources

At AndLight we are excited about the lamp's completed design that features several light sources from both the top and the bottom of the lampshade. The top of the lampshade is decorative with its three, round cut-outs in the shade that provide light towards the ceiling. Place the lamp close to some free wall space so the light can play against the wall in the evening. If you want it cossier we can recommend placing the Snoopy lamp under a shelf in a bookcase so that the light is dimmed. The local lighting will bring real hygge into your home.

The Snoopy lamp from Flos in orange is a limited edition and is only available at selected retailers for a limited time.

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