3 Tips for Styling The GUBI Gräshoppa Floor Lamp

Get inspired by these 3 ways you can style the GUBI Gräshoppa floor lamp

The new color Olive Brown is an elegant addition to the GUBI Gräshoppa collection's modern color palette, which now consists of 10 colors. The color palette contains the classic Black and White as well as a collection of modern colors such as Red , Anthracite Gray , Yellow , Blue , Oyster White , Gray , Vintage Red and the latest color Olive Brown . The colors fit well in combination with modern decor and the many options make it easy to combine the GUBI Gräshoppa floor lamp with personal decor. In connection with the launch of the new Olive Brown in the GUBI Gräshoppa series, we have collected 3 styling tips for decorating with the iconic floor lamp.

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Rustic styling

The new GUBI Gräshoppa in Olive Brown is an elegant addition to the vintage-inspired, rustic interior style. If your home reflects a rustic decor, other warm, natural shades from the Gräshoppa collection such as Red and Anthracite Gray are also a nice addition to the cozy atmosphere in the rustic decor.

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Nordic styling

The classic colors in the Gräshoppa series fit perfectly with the Nordic interior design style. If your home is characterized by a minimalist expression with a focus on clean lines and muted tones, the colors Black, White, Oyster White and Gray fit well into the decor.

Art Deco styling

If you are more into the decadent details of the decor, the more eye-catching colors in the Gräshoppa series are the right choice. With the colors Vintage Red, Yellow and Blue, there is plenty of opportunity to play with the decor and add a colorful element to the decadent Art Deco decor.

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In our Styling section you can find more tips for styling your home with our three style categories. You can also find inspiration among our AndLight Styling team and their homes. Find the Styling section here .

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